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How To Work A Hookah Pen

When purchasing a new product, it’s not unusual to ask “How Do I Use This?”.  Here at Everyday Hookah, we are constantly improving our products in an attempt to eliminate our users from asking that question. Our goal is to make our products so simple that our users ask, “Is this all I have to do?” instead of, “How do I work a hookah pen?”. Our Disposable Hookah Pens and Rechargeable Hookah Pens are very simple, but could be difficult for some. Below are our instructions on how to work a hookah pen. Continue reading How To Work A Hookah Pen

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New Hookah Pen Packaging

Hookah Pens

Did you know that we have changed our hookah pen packaging two times already? A lot of you may not have noticed. Don’t feel bad, every year on Christmas I used to quickly tear open my presents from “Santa Claus”. It’s actually amazing how I managed to rip through the packaging so quickly that I didn’t notice the presents from “Santa Claus”, had a label on them that said “From Grandma”….for years. Anyway, we have previously released two different packaging designs. They were not extremely different but they are very noticeable.


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