Want to do a smoke trick that will amaze almost anyone? If your answer is yes, look no further. Smoke tornado’s are one of the most appealing smoke tricks (when done correctly). This smoke trick does not require any advanced mouth movements. So for some, this may even be easier than blowing smoke rings; but this trick does require you to practice a hand technique. We recommend using a rechargeable hookah pen instead of the disposable hookah pens, for this trick.

Shall we get started?

Items Needed:

Recommended: Rechargeable Hookah Pen

Level Of Difficulty: 2 x 3 x 20 + 5 – 6 = ?

Cool Rating:   ★  


Step One:

Create or find a wind free room. Make sure to close your windows and you may need to close your vents

Step Two:

Inhale as much smoke as your lungs can take. The more smoke you inhale, the better your smoke tornado will look.

Step Three:

Step three can be completed in two different ways. First find a table with nothing on it.

For beginners, we recommend you use an empty paper towel roll to slowly breathe smoke onto the table. You must breathe smoke onto the table so slow that it crowds and does not disperse quickly.

For more advanced users, you can skip the paper towel roll and slowly breathe smoke onto the table.

Step Four:

Similar to step three, step four can also be completed in two different ways. Align hand to stand up vertically

Option #1: Separate your pinky and ring finger away from your middle finger and index finger. Place only your pinky finger and ring finger on the table. Insert your hand into the smoke

Option #2: Make sure that all of your fingers are together and insert your hand into the smoke.

There is no perfect way to complete this step. Just choose whatever option fits best for you

Step Five:

In a quick but controlled manner, lift you hand up vertically to drive the air in an upwards motion. This motion will create the rise and spin of the smoke tornado.

Well done. You have now created (hopefully) a super cool smoke tornado that you can use to impress your friends or even yourself. If you get stuck on any step listed above, please check out the video from Zach at HookedOnHookah. He demonstrates how to create a cool smoke tornado.


1 thoughts on “How To Make A Smoke Tornado

  1. Arieanna says:

    I’ve tried many times and read many posts. This is the first one (with the pinky ring finger part) that worked. Yay!! Thank you

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