We recommend you learn how to blow Smoke Rings before attempting to blow Smoke Hearts. If you are already successful at blowing smoke rings, then smoke hearts should be a very easy trick for you to learn. If you are not yet successful at blowing smoke rings, you are going to have a very difficult time completing this trick due to there only being a slight difference between the two. 

Items Needed:

Minimum: Disposable Hookah Pen

Recommended: Rechargeable Hookah Pen

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Level Of Difficulty: 2 x 3 +5 = ?

Cool Rating:   ★ ☆ 

Step One:

Find a room with little to no wind to interfere with the smoke. If you are in a room with wind interference (coming from a window or fan) then this smoke trick may not be possible. The wind may cause the smoke heart to deform before it takes it’s full shape.

Step Two:

Proceed with blowing a thick smoke ring. The smoke ring will be the base of the trick.

Step Three:

After you blow the smoke ring, snap your fingers lightly above the smoke ring. The goal of this snap is to create a small wind disturbance that forces the top of the smoke ring to cave in. This dent in the smoke ring should cause it to form the shape of heart.

There are other ways of achieving the wind disturbance, but they are more advanced. An example would be, create the first smoke ring, blow another smoke ring slightly above the first, and this should create a wind disturbance that turns the first smoke ring into a smoke heart. This advanced method takes tons of practice.

While this trick is fairly easy, it takes practice to master and pull off correctly every time. Make sure all fans are off and all windows are closed. Even the slightest wind can interfere with the trick.

If you are interested in learning more smoke tricks, feel free to check out our Smoke Tricks Guide.

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