Are you ready to learn one of the most visually appealing smoke tricks created? You sure? OK, lets get to it! In our previous post we taught you how to blow Smoke Rings & how to do a French Inhale.

In this lesson you will be learning the “Smoke Glass Trick”.

Items Needed:

Recommended: Rechargeable Hookah Pen

Level Of Difficulty: 20 + 5 + 109.23 -32.32 = ?

Cool Rating:     

Step One:

Place a clean glass into the freezer and let it stay until the glass is completely cold. This will allow moisture to slowly form once taken out of the freezer. This moisture will become a life saver for the smoke.

Step Two:

Place the hookah pen to your mouth and inhale, but do not inhale it into your throat. If you inhale the smoke into your throat, it will prevent it from forming thick. Try to keep all the smoke inside of your mouth.

Step Three:

Raise the glass to your lips, in a way much like as if you were going drink from the glass. Slowly let the smoke from your mouth pass into the glass. The smoke will sink to the base of the glass because of the left-over moisture.


That is how you create one of the most visually entertaining smoke tricks out there. It shouldn’t be too hard to learn with a couple hours of practice. I recommend using a clear glass. It makes the trick so much more entertaining by being able to see the exact movements of the liquid smoke.

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