Have you ever seen someone blow smoke and create what looks to be a big, ball of smoke? Ya know. something like……

Smoke Bubbles
If so, then you know how cool this smoke trick is and the different variations possible to create smoke bubbles. If you have never seen this trick, pay attention. This tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to create smoke bubbles.

Items Needed:

Minimum: Disposable Hookah Pen
A Bowl
Dishwashing Liquid
A Tube Or Straw

Recommended: Rechargeable Hookah Pen
A Bowl
Dishwashing Liquid
A Tube Or Straw

Level Of Difficulty: 2 +8 +7 +1 = ?

Cool Rating:  ★  ★ 

Step One:

Gather your bowl and pour some dishwashing liquid into the bowl.

Step Two:

Pour a small amount of water into your bowl. The higher the concentration of dishwashing liquid in your bowl, the stronger your bubble will be. This will help you to create bigger smoke bubbles and to do other smoke tricks.

Step Three:

Grab your straw or tube and place one end inside of your “bubble formula”. The purpose of this step is to ensure that a good amount of solution is available to surround and protect your smoke, once you blow the smoke through the tube.

Step Four:

Take a deep inhale with your disposable hookah pen or rechargeable hookah pen and try to gather as much smoke as possible. When ready, place your mouth on one end of the tube and blow the smoke out of the tube. DO NOT INHALE ONCE YOUR MOUTH IS ON THE TUBE.

You should now start seeing the bubble form and grow. As it grows, you will see the smoke start to fill in the bubble and create a “Smoke Bubble”. Depending on how high your concentration of dishwashing liquid is, your bubble may be strong enough to play some “Smoke Games”. Experiment with your concentration levels to see what works best for you.

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