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Did you know that we have changed our hookah pen packaging two times already? A lot of you may not have noticed. Don’t feel bad, every year on Christmas I used to quickly tear open my presents from “Santa Claus”. It’s actually amazing how I managed to rip through the packaging so quickly that I didn’t notice the presents from “Santa Claus”, had a label on them that said “From Grandma”….for years. Anyway, we have previously released two different packaging designs. They were not extremely different but they are very noticeable.


Our first design was the same tube packaging but it included a sticker that acted as a “safety seal” for the packaging. We had some customers complain about the “Safety seal”. They felt as if it wasn’t the easiest to open so we changed it. So instead of saying “deal with it” we went back to the lab to see what we could do.

Our second design was the same tube packaging, but without the “safety seal”. The only thing that we changed was the seal and we received many more complaints than previously. Some customers felt as if our hookah pens could be easily tampered with due to them being so easy to open. Here at Everyday Hookah, customer care is our top priority so we couldn’t allow you to feel as if the product you purchased could be easily tampered with.

Our third and (hopefully) final design is the same tube packaging (as always). This time, we brought back the safety seal (so you know that your hookah pen has not been tampered with), we changed the design of it, and we also strategically placed it on the packaging to make it as easy as possible to remove.

The New Hookah Pen Packaging:

Hookah Pen Packaging
Hookah Pen Packaging
Hookah Pen Packaging
Our goal with this new hookah pen packaging is to satisfy both sides. One side wants it easy to open, the other side wants a safety seal. We think we have done it!

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