What is a hookah pen?

“What is a hookah pen?” is a question we receive daily.

To give you a very simple answer, a hookah pen is a flavored electronic vaporizer.

Depending on the brand and design of the hookah pen, it can be mistaken for an electronic cigarette. While they technically function the same way, make no mistake, they are different.

How Does A Hookah Pen Work?

There are 3 parts to a hookah pen; a battery, atomizer, and a cartridge. The battery is what powers the hookah pen, the atomizer contains a heating element, and the cartridge contains the liquid flavor. When activated, the battery sends power to the atomizer, causing it to heat up. Once the atomizer is hot, it turns the liquid flavor into vapor, or what we call “smoke”. This process is almost instantaneous.

What does it look like?

Hookah pens and e-cigarettes are very much the same when it comes to their construction and overall aesthetic, (we have included an image below).

Hookah Pen

Hookah pens are long, thin objects resembling a pen (funny that). They come in different sizes but the most common size is about the same as an ink pen. Some hookah pens will come as one complete unit, others will have two or three different components. Most hookah pen users prefer a buttonless hookah pen that is automatically activated by inhaling. However, there are options with buttons available.

What does it taste like?

Most hookah pens come in several different flavors. We recommend purchasing as many different flavors as possible until you find one that you are truly satisfied with. A few examples of different flavors are: Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Fruit Punch, Grape, Pineapple, Strawberry and Watermelon.

The taste depends on your chosen brand, but it can often be potent and powerful. In my opinion, most flavors are similar to the Now-and-Later fruit-flavored, taffy-like candy but in vapor form. The flavor options are limitless. I have seen the flavors get as crazy as vitamin D. Does anyone really know what vitamin D tastes like? My point exactly.

What Are The Ingredients In A Hookah Pen?

Most hookah pens contain 3 different ingredients. The first ingredient is called Propylene Glycol (Food Grade). This ingredient can be found in foods that you typically eat. The higher the percentage of Propylene Glycol in your hookah pen, the stronger the flavor. However, note that as the Propylene Glycol content increases, the thickness of the vapor decreases. So, if you smoke because you enjoy the flavor, I recommend you purchase a pen with a higher percentage of Propylene Glycol as long as you don’t mind thinner smoke.

Propylene Glycol(Noun) – Propylene glycol is a clear, colorless, slightly syrupy liquid at room temperature. Propylene glycol must be heated or briskly shaken to produce a vapor.

The second ingredient is called Vegetable Glycerin (USP Grade). This ingredient is also found in different foods that you currently eat, especially baked goods. The higher the percentage of Vegetable Glycerin in your hookah pen, the thicker the smoke. The effect of Vegetable Glycerin is the exact opposite of Propylene Glycol. While the smoke will be thicker, the strength of the flavor decreases. If you’re into smoke tricks, remember that a 100% Vegetable Glycerin hookah pen is the best choice.

Vegetable Glycerin (Noun) – Vegetable glycerin, or glycerol, is a clear, odorless liquid produced from plant oils, typically palm oil, soy, or coconut oil.

The third ingredient is artificial flavoring. This is what provides the flavor that you taste.

What Can I Do With A Hookah Pen?

Users can do a lot with hookah pens. Some may use hookah pens to learn hookah smoke tricks such as Smoke Rings, French Inhale, or take cool “ghost” like pictures to share with their friends.

How Long Does It Last?

It depends. Hookah pen “lifespans” are measured in puffs or battery life. Some brands may last up to 400 puffs, some 500 puffs, and some offer even more. One puff is estimated to be the equivalent of a one-second drag. As long as you take care of your hookah pen you will enjoy the maximum, or close to, the number of puffs your disposable hookah pen offers.

Rechargeable hookah pens are measured by battery life. If the pen is properly taken care of, it can last for much longer than you probably need it to. Most people measure a rechargeable hookah pen’s lifespan by the amount of constant use they can get out of it before it dies. Once again, this varies by brand.

Where Can I Smoke It?

Hookah pens can be used ALMOST anywhere. Always check the rules and laws that are relevant to your location. Some locations prohibit the use of any smoking device.

Regulations around hookah pens are scattered. For example, you can smoke them at any place where cigarettes are allowed. However, some places that do not allow cigarette smoke will allow hookah pens, while it is probably not advertised. The best way to learn if you can smoke at a private location would be to ask the owner or person in charge. Sometimes by speaking to the owner or person in charge, the rules may be bent especially for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

The answer to this question varies with each brand you choose. The price range for most disposable hookah pens is between $5.99 – $19.99.

In my opinion, they are very affordable. However, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing one as cheap as $5 as low price often equals low quality. On the flipside, I’ve seen some hookah pens sell for hundreds of dollars. My best advice here is to look for customer reviews and go with the “gut feeling” you get when you know you’ve found the right one.

Why Use A Hookah Pen?

A hookah pen is a great alternative if you like to smoke but do not want to smoke cigarettes or traditional hookah. They’re also great if you want to learn smoke tricks like smoke rings or a french inhale.

For those that smoke cigarettes, you might prefer a hookah pen due to the fact that most do not contain the addictive chemical nicotine. In case you don’t know what nicotine is, here’s the definition:

Nicotine (Noun) – A toxic, colorless or yellowish oily liquid that is the chief active constituent of tobacco. It acts as a stimulant in small doses, but in larger amounts blocks the action of autonomic nerve and skeletal muscle cells.

If you are a traditional hookah smoker, a hookah pen is less harsh than shisha and coals. It tends to inhale smoothly and does not produce a “kick” in the back of your throat like a traditional hookah can.

Pros and Cons of Hookah Pens

Because there are many different brands of hookah pens, the pros and cons may vary.

Pros of Smoking A Hookah Pen

  • Portable – A big pro of a hookah pen is that it is very easy to travel with. A hookah pen is about the size of an ink pen or cigarette. Thanks to the size, you can carry it in your purse, your pocket, and just about anywhere else you can think of.

An example of a hookah pen in action:

(*Ring Ring*)

Me: “Hello”

Female Friend: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Me: “Nothing much, just driving and smoking my hookah.”

Female Friend: “Your smoking hookah while driving!? Be careful!”

Me: “Don’t worry, it’s a hookah pen by Everyday Hookah …they’re made for these type of situations.”

Female Friend: “OMG, you’re so awesome.”

*That’s based on a true story* (Not Really)

  • No Tobacco – The biggest pro of a hookah pen is that it does not contain tobacco. If it did contain tobacco, you might as well smoke a cigarette. Did you know that by eliminating the consumption of tobacco, you are eliminating over 7,000 deadly chemicals from your body? About 70 of those deadly chemicals can cause cancer.
  • No Nicotine – you know that nasty chemical that gets people addicted to cigarettes? We don’t have any of that. If you have ever tried cigarettes, hookah pen with nicotine, or regular shisha then you have experienced the “hit” in the back of your throat. That “hit” is also a result of nicotine.
  • Disposable (possibly a con) – In today’s world, we don’t have time for messing around with charging extra electronics. We prefer to buy it, open it, and use it. Why should hookah pens be any different? This lady clearly understands the fast-paced nature of today’s society and might have said it best, “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat”.
  • No Cleaning – Who likes cleaning? With disposable hookah pens, you no longer spend hours cleaning. You spend more hours smoking.

Ready for the cons?

Cons Of Smoking A Hookah Pen

  • Less smoke – One of the few cons of smoking a hookah pen is that you get less smoke than you normally would if you were smoking a traditional hookah.
  • Possibly More Expensive – Depending on what brand of shisha you currently use, smoking a hookah pen could be more expensive. For some, it could be less expensive. I recommend comparing Everyday Hookah’s $9.95 price for up to 600 puffs to your current brand of shisha.

If after reading this post you’re still unsure if hookah pens are right for you, I say give it a try. At the cost of $9.95, it’s not an expensive test. You never know, you might enjoy it.

If you feel there are more pros or cons, comment below and let us know!

If you are interested in purchasing a hookah pen, you can visit our hookah pen shop.

Nicotine-Free Hookah Pens

When searching the internet to purchase a hookah pen, you’ve probably run into many different types. Some companies only offer disposable hookah pens, while others offer rechargeable options. Some companies include nicotine in all of their products, while other companies said “forget it” and chose a nicotine-free alternative. When it comes to choosing between a disposable hookah pen and a rechargeable hookah pen, I think it all depends on your lifestyle and preferences. However, when it’s time to choose between nicotine and nicotine-free versions, the same does not apply. In this post, we will discuss why nicotine-free hookah pens are what you really want to purchase.

Nicotine-Free Hookah Pens Have Smoother Smoke

Nicotine-free hookah pens tend to have much smoother smoke than those with nicotine. When smoking anything with nicotine, you will notice a mild-to-harsh “hit” or burn in your throat. For most non-cigarette/tobacco smokers, this will be an uncomfortable surprise, making you want to get rid of that hookah pen. Smoke from nicotine-free hookah pens will go down smoothly. You may even notice an increase in flavor due to not being distracted by the harsh burn in your throat.

Nicotine Is Addictive and Deadly

Nicotine is a very addictive chemical, traditionally found in cigarettes. This chemical will cause you to slowly become dependent on it. Depending on your goals, this may be something you’re interested in, but for most, this is a chemical you will want to avoid.

Here’s some more information on nicotine from WhyQuit.com

Nicotine is the tobacco plant’s natural protection from being eaten by insects. Its widespread use as a farm crop insecticide is now being blamed for killing honey bees. A toxin, drop for drop, nicotine has proven to be as lethal as strychnine and three times deadlier than arsenic in animal studies.

Make Sure To Do Your Research

For most users, nicotine-free hookah pens are the perfect choice. However, there are scenarios in which choosing a hookah pen with nicotine would make sense. For example; for someone that wants to quit smoking cigarettes but prefers to have more flavor options than electronic cigarettes, a hookah pen with a low nicotine content would make sense.

Where to buy a hookah pen?

If you are just looking for regular, cheaply made, possibly defective hookah pens…you can find those almost anywhere on the internet. If you are looking for premium hookah pens with a money back guarantee, fast shipping, awesome customer reviews, and made using high quality ingredients, then Everyday Hookah is the place you’re looking for.

Too many potential users hear about hookah pens and quickly buy the first product they see without taking the time to read about the pros and cons or read/learn about the company they are purchasing from.

The Problem:

Most hookah pens on the market in the United States today are generic and very low quality. They are created with only one purpose: to make money. They take advantage of impulse shoppers by offering a “lower-priced alternative” to make shoppers think they are getting a sale when really, they are luring users onto a slippery sheet of ice that could collapse at any moment.

This type of business strategy makes all brands look bad when someone orders a cheap imitation, or gets hurt from a faulty device. So, do both of us a favor and next time you’re shopping for hookah pens, purchase from a reputable brand by doing your background research on the company.

Here are 5 tips to help you avoid buying generic hookah pens:

  1. Look for brand names that have a history of good customer reviews
  2. Avoid any website that claims their product can stop cigarette smoking or cures any disease
  3. Avoid poorly designed websites
  4. Ask friends if they’ve ever purchased from this company
  5. Google the company’s name and look for info regarding them

These tips will not fully prevent a generic hookah pen purchase but by following them, I am confident that you will gather more information that will help you choose the best, safest and most worthy company to buy from.

We recommend going to our hookah pen store and looking to see which product fits you best. All of our hookah pens are nicotine-free and professionally created with high quality ingredients to ensure consistent, thick smoke and lots of flavor. We also include free hookah pen trick tutorials with each purchase.

The hookah pen industry is still new and young so expect a lot of changes within the next few years. We expect electronic hookah to be the future of hookah smoking. What do you think?

Note: to purchase a hookah pen you must be at least 18 years of age in the United States and of legal age if you reside in a different country.

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  1. Yolanda Bustamante says:

    Does the amount of smoke I take in and blow out depend on how much or long the pen is charging? I don’t seem to be able to blow the amount of smoke out to do smoke rings and tricks.

    • Team Everyday Hookah says:

      Thank you for your message.

      The power of the battery does not decrease once it becomes depleted.
      However, doing smoke tricks might be easier with one of our disposables, because the batteries are a bit stronger so more vapor is created. Of course, it is also possible with the rechargeable kit, but you have to pull a lot harder to create enough vapor.

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