Today you will be learning a hookah smoke trick also known as a “French Inhale“. The french inhale can be learned very quickly and is not a difficult trick.

Items Needed:

Minimum: Disposable Hookah Pen

Recommended: Rechargeable Hookah Pen

Level Of Difficulty: 20 + 5 + 10 = ?

Cool Rating:    ☆ 

Step One:

Place the hookah pen to your mouth and inhale, but do not inhale it into your throat. Try to keep all the smoke inside of your mouth.
French inhale step 1
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Step Two:

Stick your bottom lip out so that it is out further than your top lip. This step will give your smoke an upwards path, allowing the next step to work.

French inhale step 2
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Step Three:

Step three is no harder than the two previous steps listed above. All you need to do to complete the french inhale is to inhale through your nose until all the smoke in your mouth is gone. 

French inhale step 3
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And that is how you successfully complete the french inhale. This smoke trick isn’t hard at all and can be learned with little to no effort. Just like everything else in this world, practice makes perfect. So keep practicing and you will eventually be able to french inhale smoothly.

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