New Hookah Pen Colors:

We are currently in the process of creating different color designs as well as different LED colors for the “flame light”. Each color will correspond with a specific flavor and allow for easier separation of flavors for our users.

Most hookah pen / e-cigarette stores will work on the different color designs first, not us and I’ll tell you why. No matter how many different color designs you have, it will not make a difference if your hookah pens are not functioning how the user expects it to. We chose to focus on the ingredients and function of our hookah pens first, then our designs. Who wants a good looking hookah pen that doesn’t work correctly?

Hookah Pens

Improved Ingredients:

We have formulated new ingredients and will be implementing them in 2014. The new ingredients are just as safe as our old ingredients but allows our hookah pens to produce much more thick white smoke than ever before. This will allow our users to create better smoke clouds and smoke tricks. The best part of all, even though the ingredients are improving, the price will stay the same.

Enhanced Functionality:

After months of advanced technology testing we have improved the functionality of our hookah pens. When inhaling, the drag or smoke will be less airy than before. Since we have improved the functionality, it is estimated that the smoke released per second will be increased by about 68% once we implement the improvements.


Now that we have become one of the leading hookah pen brands in the United States of America, we are planning to expand into hookah lounges and other retailers. You will soon be able to purchase our hookah pens at a hookah lounge near you. This expansion will require some time as we negotiate deals with retailers so we cannot promise that we will be in every state / city during 2014 but we will try our best to do so.


We will have more news to announce as the year goes on. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to stay updated.

One thought on “What To Expect In 2014

  1. Everyday hookah should make rechargeable/ refillable hookah pens. I’ve bought so many and none compare to everyday hookah, but I love the look and feel of a rechargeable one. Everything else getting changed would be great too! I would just like a rechargeable everyday hookah like I can buy in stores.

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