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Rechargeable Pens

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Not into disposables? Prefer the long-term commitment? Want multiple flavor options? A rechargeable hookah pen is the way to go. They require a little extra maintenance in the sense that you must keep them charged in order to function, and you need to clean them. However, you get the benefit of changing flavors, and even combining your own custom blends.

While disposable pen lifespans are judged “by the puff”, rechargeable hookah pens are measured by battery life. If the pen is properly taken care of, it can last for much longer than you probably need it to. Most people measure a rechargeable hookah pen’s lifespan by the amount of constant use they can get out of it before it dies. Once again, this varies by brand.

Rechargeable Hookah Kit

We have fantastic new rechargeable hookah pens which we know you’ll love. Check them out for yourself! We’ve also got a rechargeable hookah pen starter kit so you can get everything you need all in one hit. You get the pen, the battery, charger and a choice of two flavor cartridges. One and done. Already got a rechargeable hookah pen but lost your charger during that particularly wild weekend? Stress no more, we’ve got rechargeable hookah pen chargers in both USB and wall adapter forms. They’re incredibly affordable so you could even pick up two and keep one as a backup.


When your current cartridge runs out, or you want some new flavor options, grab a bunch of our EverydayHookah rechargeable pen cartridges. You’ll be stoked to know they’re super affordable yet some of the best in the game. You’ll get about 300 puffs out of each cartridge, which is a generous amount of sweet, fruity vapor.

Say “see ya never” to the cigarettes and give your body a break by switching over to a rechargeable hookah pen. No more running down to the store to pick up your next fix of smokes...just charge your hookah pen and enjoy the smooth flavor hit.