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Disposable Pens

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Disposable Pens

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If you’re a no-nonsense, “use, toss, and move on” kinda smoker, you need a disposable pen. Unlike the rechargeable pen, the disposable hookah pen has a set amount of puffs before it runs out of life and can be disposed of. If you’re in need of a hookah pen for traveling or road tripping when a charger just isn’t on the cards, a disposable will serve you well.

Not into cleaning? Fair enough. Don’t want to commit to a long term partnership with your hookah pen? No worries. Disposable hookah pens require zero cleaning tasks and eventually run out of puff, the definition of a “low maintenance, casual relationship”. They’re also awesome gift ideas for anyone curious about the hookah pen world. Pick a flavor or two and give them the sweet gift of experimentation without the commitment.

If you’ve never tried a hookah pen but can’t fight the curiosity, go straight for the disposable option. Pick a flavor, try it out, use up the allocated puffs and go from there. Or maybe you’re easing yourself away from cigarettes and need a replacement, the disposable hookah pen is ready and waiting to lure you away from the cancer sticks!


We stock two of the best disposable hookah pen brands on the market: the Fantasia e-Hookah disposable pen and our very own Everyday Hookah Pen V2. Both brands offer sleek, slimline components, easy-to-use convenience even for total beginners, no mess, no cleaning, and no wait-time for charging.


You can stock up on different flavors of the Everyday Hookah V2 Disposable Hookah pen and save money while you’re at it. In fact, you can buy 5 pens at a 20% discount...tempted? We don’t blame you. We recommend purchasing as many different flavors as possible until you find one that you are truly satisfied with. A few examples of different flavors are: Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Fruit Punch, Grape, Pineapple, Strawberry and Watermelon.