Our Disposable Hookah Pen

Our Disposable Hookah Pen Infographic

We’ve gotten a lot of mail asking us how did we make our disposable hookah pens of such good quality compared to what our users have used previously. While we don’t mind replying to every email, it can become quite time consuming. So to give you an idea of how things went for us in the beginning, we’ve created an infographic listing the steps we took to create one of the best disposable hookah pens on the market.

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Where To Buy Hookah Pens

5 New Tips On Where To Buy Hookah Pens

If you are just looking for regular, cheaply made, possibly defective hookah pens…you can find those almost anywhere on the internet. If you are looking for premium hookah pens with a money back guarantee, fast shipping speed, awesome customer reviews, and made using high quality ingredients, then Everyday Hookah is the place you’re looking for.

Top 3 Customer Errors When Ordering Our Hookah Pens

In today’s world, everything is fast paced. While a fast pace society is good for advancements and moving forward, it is also good for small mistakes. With that being said, we’ve listed the top 3 errors that customers make un-intentionally when ordering our hookah pens.

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Hookah Pens

New Hookah Pen Packaging

Did you know that we have changed our hookah pen packaging two times already? A lot of you may not have noticed. Don’t feel bad, every year on Christmas I used to quickly tear open my presents from “Santa Claus”. It’s actually amazing how I managed to rip through the packaging so quickly that I didn’t notice the presents from “Santa Claus”, had a label on them that said “From Grandma”….for years. Anyway, we have previously released two different packaging designs. They were not extremely different but they are very noticeable.


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Pros and Cons of hookah pens

Pros and Cons of Hookah Pens

Pros and Cons of hookah pens

So you’re interested in the pros and cons of hookah pens. I’m going to assume you already know what’s hookah pen and go straight into the pros and cons. There are many different brands of hookah pens. Some of which are better than others (of course), so the pros and cons may vary when using brands other than Everyday Hookah. This post should help some of you that are deciding if a hookah pen is right for your lifestyle.

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