Why Nicotine Free Hookah Pens Are What You Really Want

When searching the internet to purchase a hookah pen, you’ve probably ran into several different types. Some companies only offer disposable hookah pens, while others offer rechargeable. Some companies include nicotine in all of their products, while other companies said forget it and chose a nicotine free alternative. When it comes to choosing between a disposable hookah pen and a rechargeable hookah pen, I think it all depends on your lifestyle and preference. When it’s time to choose between a nicotine and nicotine free version, the same does not apply. In this post, we will discuss why nicotine free hookah pens are what you really want to purchase.

How To Work A Hookah Pen

When purchasing a new product, it’s not unusual to ask “How Do I Use This?”.  Here at Everyday Hookah, we are constantly improving our products in an attempt to eliminate our users from asking that question. Our goal is to make our products so simple that our users ask, “Is this all I have to do?” instead of, “How do I work a hookah pen?”. Our Disposable Hookah Pens and Rechargeable Hookah Pens are very simple, but could be difficult for some. Below are our instructions on how to work a hookah pen. Continue reading How To Work A Hookah Pen

Smoke Hearts

How To Blow Smoke Hearts

We recommend you learn how to blow Smoke Rings before attempting to blow Smoke Hearts. If you are already successful at blowing smoke rings, then smoke hearts should be a very easy trick for you to learn. If you are not yet successful at blowing smoke rings, you are going to have a very difficult time completing this trick due to there only being a slight difference between the two.  Continue reading How To Blow Smoke Hearts


What To Expect In 2014

New Hookah Pen Colors:

We are currently in the process of creating different color designs as well as different LED colors for the “flame light”. Each color will correspond with a specific flavor and allow for easier separation of flavors for our users.

Most hookah pen / e-cigarette stores will work on the different color designs first, not us and I’ll tell you why. No matter how many different color designs you have, it will not make a difference if your hookah pens are not functioning how the user expects it to. Continue reading What To Expect In 2014