5 New Tips On Where To Buy Hookah Pens

Where To Buy Hookah Pens

If you are just looking for regular, cheaply made, possibly defective hookah pens…you can find those almost anywhere on the internet. If you are looking for premium hookah pens with a money back guarantee, fast shipping speed, awesome customer reviews, and made using high quality ingredients, then Everyday Hookah is the place you’re looking for.

where to buy hookah pens

Too many potential users hear about what hookah pens are and quickly buy the first product they see without taking the time to read about the pros and cons or read/learn about the company they are purchasing from. Here at Everyday Hookah we understand the excitement of wanting to try something new but not all hookah pens are made equal.

The Problem:

Most hookah pens on the market today in the United States are generic and terribly created. They are created with only one purpose, to make money. They take advantage of impulse shoppers by offering a “lowered priced alternative” that make shoppers think they are getting a sale when really, they are luring users onto a slippery sheet of ice that could collapse at any moment.

This type of behavior from generics makes all of the brands look bad when someone orders a cheap imitation, gets hurt, or injured from a faulty device. So do both of us a favor next time you’re shopping for hookah pens, purchase from a reputable brand and do your background research on the company. That will lower your risk of having a bad experience and getting injured from malfunctions.

Here are 5 tips to help you avoid buying generic hookah pens:

  1. Look for brand names that have a history of good customer reviews
  2. Avoid any website that claims their product can stop cigarette smoking or cures any disease
  3. Avoid poorly designed websites
  4. Ask friends if they’ve ever purchased from this company
  5. Google the company’s name and look for info regarding them

These tips will not fully prevent a generic hookah pen purchase but by following them, I am confident that you will gather more information that will help you decide if you that company is one that you want to purchase from.

Where To Buy Hookah Pens:

We recommend going in to our hookah pen store and looking to see which product fits you best. All of our hookah pens were professionally created with high quality ingredients to ensure consistent thick smoke and lots of flavor. We also include free hookah pen trick tutorials with each purchase.

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  1. Josue says:

    Very interesting information, I did not know much on hookah pens and now know more than before, i was about to buy a cheap one of a shelve until i read this, thank you for this information

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